Andy Sturm is a German photographer and writer.
Born in rural Roding, two hours away from Munich, he grew up being manly interested in sports in his youth. He played soccer during his whole childhood and was very ambitious in bodybuilding until his early twenties. Though his creative ability has always been present since his earliest memories - or at least revealed itself every now and then -, Sturm never was interested in any field of arts until his late teens when he already was in university studying business economics.
He developed a strong interest for fashion, began sketching haute couture designs and took a sewing course to be able to bring his sketches to life. At the same time he discovered that he did not only have a strong interest in fashion design but also in writing and photography. Very fast he realized that it is not designing clothes that he loved most but that photography was his true passion. He bought his first camera and won his first photography award after only three months. After finishing his studies in economics he wanted to work in the fashion industry or in advertising. Very disappointed from dozens and dozens of refusals to his applications, Sturm took the first job he could get and started to work in fashion retail. As selling was not to his liking, he quit two retail-management jobs in not even two years in order to finally follow his passion for photography.
Today Andy Sturm works as a freelance photographer, working mainly for companies, magazines and on own projects. He considers himself a fashion and fine art photographer and strives to capture natural beauty. He is absolutely convinced that you can find beauty in everyone and everything and wants his photos to express exactly that. "The so called ugliness is probably where I draw most of my inspiration from. I love personality, especially tragic heroes as they have a depth that is beyond words. Trying to capture the feeling you can’t express through language is my aim as a photographer“, Sturm says.
Next to working as a photographer Sturm currently works on his first novel.
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